“This little acoustic interlude is a simple little piece I used to use to practice a particular guitar tuning- Red must have listened to me playing it a thousand times…and yet she liked it.

I used to play it just outside the kitchen door of the cottage we lived in- when it was warm enough to do that…otherwise it would be sitting at the kitchen table. When I was outside though, the birdsong would always add a great counterpoint.

So- when it came around to recording this properly, I knew it had to have birdsong on it. When we opened the studio windows and pointed the microphones outwards….the birds obliged with an outstanding performance”.

…Red’s song…
photo ©2019 pete miles


from the album Red, released March 8, 2020
Music by Niall Parker

Acoustic 6 & 12-string guitars: Niall Parker
Drone guitar: Niall Parker

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Pete Miles at Middle Farm Studios.
Music ©2019 Niall Parker All rights reserved.


Guitars: Sigma 000M15, Taylor 150E 12-string, Eccleshall ES175TDC