A project of this nature takes many people to bring it to fruition…


Pete Miles – production, engineering, mixing & mastering
Middle Farm Studios – our second home

photography & video

Several people contributed photos to the project (you can see all photographs credited on the specific photos). However, the project has had two “official” photographers…
Harry Duns – Harry also handles our videography
Sarah Clarke


All our equipment is bought and paid for- we have no endorsement deals; we support makers & manufacturers by using their products.


Gus Guitars – Simon Farmer at Gus has built, modified and looked after Niall’s guitars for years.
Manson’s – the famous shop in Exeter, with the most badass & helpful staff around- and the Guitar Works too!
Fender– needs no introduction
Musicman– it’s all about the bass- Niall’s loved the Musicman bass sound for years (mostly thanks to Tony Levin)…
Tokai – if you’re left-handed, Tokai are great, as they make versions of famous designs in a left-handed orientation that sound great and do the job.


Niall’s amps are all old and discontinued models:-
Rivera R55 112 – a great, very under-rated 1×12 combo
Dean Markley DM-80-DR – another great, hugely under-rated amplifier
(both of the above amps are used in stereo together).
Soldano SP77 preamp – this is an old, modded rack pre-amp that Niall uses for heavy sounds
Gallien-Krueger 250ML – old, battered, much-serviced, but Just Works


Niall uses 4 main synths…
Sequential Prophet8rev2 – modern classic polysynth and absolutely essential
Oberheim OB12 – not a proper Oberheim synth, this is an early 00’s VA synth- it doesn’t get much love in the synth community but we reckon it’s highly under-rated. The presets don’t help (they’re awful) but programming it brings out it’s strengths.
Arturia MatrixBrute – a recent acquisition, this monster mono-synth features on “Nightfall” and is currently getting a lot of use in the writing of the second album.
Yamaha TG55 – this doesn’t get used much; hell to program, but it’s useful for odder sounds.

Drums & percussion

Bob uses a Ludwig Amber Vistalite Bonham reissue kit:-
14, 16, 18” toms
2 x 26” kick drums
14 x 6.5” Ludwig Black Beauty snare
Paiste 2002 cymbals
15” sound edge hi hats
18” thin crash
20” crash
20” ride
22” crash
18” Big Beat crash cymbal & hi hats (for studio)

Niall uses:
Arturia DrumBrute drum machine
Moog DFAM synthesizer